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I'm a London based architectural & lifestyle photographer.


My interest in photography began while living at the foothills of the majestic Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan during childhood. The vibrant colours of the local bazaar, intricate details of traditional timberwork and the ever-changing light were all moments I dreamt of capturing.  

It is through this memory that I create images of urban landscapes, including often overlooked design details I encounter along the way. Sourcing inspiration from the delicate motifs, calligraphy and geometric patterns of Islamic architectural styles, to the clean designs and leading lines of contemporary architecture. I aim is to bring attention to unseen perspectives, using natural elements to accentuate detail or evoke a mood, telling a visual story as a collaborative journey between client, photographer and audience.   


Whether photographing a film location or an office building, I work to emphasize each project’s distinct characteristics - how the structure catches light, the flow of its façade, the way it relates to its surrounding environment and community. In addition, I have worked alongside a graphics design team for over 10 years, which is evident through my technique, as I accentuate symmetry, detail and an uncompromising eye for design in each captured image.

Just as refined skills and exceptional attention to detail are required for a great piece of architecture, it is important to capture the essence of an architectural subject or space through photography using the same finesse.

Examples of my work include documenting renovations, upmarket hotel interiors, office spaces and locations for property developers. I always aim to work closely with clients, ensuring their requirements are met, through to the delivery of high-resolution post produced images.

If you’re seeking a professional service and would like to discuss a project, please get in touch. 

Clients Include:

Mother London

British Land plc​

Ballymore Group

Altis Hotel Group

Great Portland Estates

Fletcher Priest Architects

Wing Tai Properties Ltd

Ormond Hotel Group

Whitepaperco Ltd

Evershot Studios

Sutton Young

RTP Global




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